Remove Stretch Marks

How To Remove Stretch Marks Permanently

Once you get pregnant or suddenly gain or lose weight, there is a high possibility that annoying red or white lines will appear on your belly, hips, or legs. While stretch marks aren’t painful at all, they dramatically harm a person’s confidence and self-esteem. Multiple people decide to apply to stretchmark removal to get rid of these annoying lines on their bodies. However, it is almost impossible to erase stretch marks. In this article, we’ll introduce you to several common ways how to remove stretch marks permanently.

How to stop stretch marks: the best ways

1. Laser therapy

Laser treatment for stretch mark removal has become a practical approach over recent years. If you wonder how to get rid of white stretch marks, a laser will be the working solution. The intense pulsed light in the laser tends to significantly improve the overall appearance of stretch marks while intensifying the new collagen production. A patient will need to take around 20 laser treatments to remove stretch marks from 20% to 60%. The key rule is to apply to an experienced dermatologist or healthcare practitioner to ensure the effects. Still, the main challenge for some patients remains high costs for laser therapies.

2. Retinoic acid

Retinoic acid, or Retin-A, can improve the appearance of stretch marks in some patients at the expense of penetration into the upper skin layer. It helps to rebuild collagen in the skin. According to one recent study, 0,1 of retinoic acid in the cream reduces the early signs of stretch marks. This way, Retin-A tends to be advantageous for new white or red lines. However, retinoic acid can promote side effects, like redness, and is available for patients by prescription.

3. Plastic surgery

For some cases, plastic surgery remains an effective option to get rid of unwanted stretch marks. It concerns surgeries like thigh lift, tummy tuck, and others. While plastic surgeries are recommended for patients with sagging or loose skin who are looking for skin lifting, stretch marks removal appears as an additional benefit after a surgical approach. If the patient’s skin isn’t loose, an option of surgery might not be suitable for them. An individual who stands by good health has a stable weight, and doesn’t smoke can be a good candidate for plastic surgery. Anyway, it would be better to discuss any risks and potential effects with a plastic surgeon.

4. Platelet-rich plasma therapy

Platelet-rich plasma therapy is a brand new way to reduce the stretch mark appearance. Interestingly, the active compound used in this therapy is plasma taken from the blood of a patient right before the session itself. Some recent studies confirm that PRP procedure and an ultrasound approach improve the overall appearance of stretch marks. A majority of patients have good impressions after this kind of therapy.