Improve Memory

5 Best Ways To Improve Memory

You are not alone if you have ever forgotten where you leave your keys or a password to your Instagram account. While forgetting some things in the busy lifestyle is OK, having a bad memory can be annoying, affecting your daily life. People might lose memory for some reason, for example, due to neurological conditions. If you wonder how to improve memory, please see our Guitar-Assisted therapy – it is an excellent solution to manage stress levels, develop motor skills, and maintain a good memory. Today, we’ll discuss other efficient ways to improve your memory.

The best natural ways to improve memory

1. Get healthy sleep

Poor memory is usually associated with a lack of good sleep since sleep is essential for memory strengthening and consolidation. By the way, this process ensures the transformation of short-term memories into long-lasting ones. Multiple recent studies concluded that bad sleep could negatively affect a person’s memory. For instance, one study demonstrated that nurses that work a day shift made fewer mistakes in memory and mathematical tests than nurses that work the night shift. To enhance your memory, get a healthy sleep of 7 to 9 hours each night.

2. Consume less alcohol

Drinking too many alcoholic beverages can negatively affect an individual’s memory and overall health condition. The most harmful alcohol drinking is called bingeing, which tends to impact the brain and memory particularly. Repetitive binge drinking affects the part of the brain that plays a significant role in memory – the hippocampus. Thus, limiting alcohol drinking is one of the best ways to improve memory.

3. Track your Vitamin D levels

Vitamin D plays a significant role in the human body, and low levels of this vitamin can provoke poor cognitive function. According to one recent study, reduced levels of Vitamin D are associated with a higher chance of dementia occurring. Once you want to enhance your memory, consult your doctor whether you need to get a blood test on Vitamin D since lack of this nutrient is common in people with dark skin color and who live in cold climatic areas.

4. Consider exercising

Another good way to strengthen your memory is exercising more – any physical activity is essential to maintain physical and mental health. Scientists investigated that regular exercising works well to improve brain function and, as a result, enhances memory in people of any age. In addition, regular workouts are related to a reduced risk of developing dementia in people of middle ages later in life.

5. Cut back sugar intake

One of the efficient ways to improve short-term memory is by limiting added sugar in a diet. Some recent research has shown that a diet with too high sugar intake can provoke poor memory in people and damage the brain area that maintains short-term memory. This way, eating a healthier diet will benefit your overall health condition and improve memory, too.